Unscientific Survey

I got curious about where campers here were from. Couldn’t see all license plates because some people were not home and I did not want to walk into their site to see rear plates but the following gives some idea:

FL 16, NY 2, MI 4, AZ 2, PA 6, TN 3, MA 4, NE 1, IL 4, TX 5, MO 2, WI 3, KS 2, KY 3, AL 3, CT 1, SD 2, OHIO 6, WA 2, MT 1, MN 1, AK 1, VA 1,

Additionally, the Uncle Sam figure below is on 33 sites. These identify site occupants as friends of Dick and Marie who have come here every year forever and have given them as gifts. They left the day we got here this year so we are hoping that  is not a sign that they want Uncle Sam back.


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