Ole Tom and Old Roy

Sunday was a busy day. Breakfast at Corems (have to face away from the cooking area), Church, nap, Golf (95). On the eighth hole we saw our first gators on the course this year(more later). The real excitement was on the 18th fairway. A wild Tom Turkey and his ladies were crossing the fairway in front of us. I asked John if he knew the mating call of a turkey and he said:”As a matter of fact I do”. He then proceeded to whistle some nonsense and right before our eyes the Tom Turkey got attentive, faced us and started walking towards Roy. I started to take pictures while the Tom suddenly got aggressive and tried attacking Roy who got out a club and tried to run off the Tom with his golf bag. Then the Tom decided he didn’t like his picture taken so he came after me. I traded in my camera for a golf club and started banging it on my bag. Finally, ole Tom left.


That is Roy’s leg behind his golf bag


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