April 23, Wednesday

After breakfast, headed for the airport with another box lunch. Not as good as the first but OK.

Flew to Chongqing. On the Yangtze River, this was the capital of China during WWII. The Flying Tigers were based here.

Found some time to see the “Peoples House” (seat of Govt, I think) and to visit a local market. Note the booze is 60% Alcohol (that is 120 proof folks)

The walk from the bus to the ship was not bad but the stairs down to the river were very steep. Made it nonetheless.


Either Xi'an or Chongqing airport

Either Xi’an or Chongqing airport

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines

Peoples House (seat of Govt)

Peoples House (seat of Govt)



Local Market

IMG_2030 IMG_2029 IMG_2028 IMG_2027 IMG_2024 IMG_2023 IMG_2021 IMG_2020




IMG_2031 IMG_2032


IMG_2037 IMG_2041 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2038


Our cabin, dinner and Lois ( bar supervisor who never forgot a name). Also the route of the Yangtze.



Lois - bar supervisor - never forgot a name

Lois – bar supervisor – never forgot a name




After Dinner show

IMG_2071 IMG_2099 IMG_2098 IMG_2095 IMG_2090 IMG_2085 IMG_2081 IMG_2078 IMG_2075

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