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Third Day of the Dance

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

With no hot water for the showers we have gone to combat mode. Probably no need for underwear either. Since overflow in most military campgrounds is dry camping (no electric, water, sewer or cable hookups) this is still a pleasure even without hot water. After all they do call what we do —camping.


Ate breakfast out, went to church and the commissary and will now play golf before the super bowl.

The FamCamp Dance

Friday, February 1st, 2008

The maximum stay in a campsite is 60 days. Then you have to vacate the site and rotate to overflow behind anyone else already in overflow. Then when your turn comes up you can move into a non sewer site and go on the list for a sewer site. Overflow is like purgatory – partway between heaven (sewer site) and hell (no site at all). Today was our turn to rotate into the dreaded overflow. As it turned out we got lucky. Instead of the old overflow area where campers share 20 amp electrical service and have no cable TV, we were assigned a space close behind regular sites and were able to plug into 50 amp service and cable TV. Below is regular overflow and below that is our temp site.



Unscientific Survey

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I got curious about where campers here were from. Couldn’t see all license plates because some people were not home and I did not want to walk into their site to see rear plates but the following gives some idea:

FL 16, NY 2, MI 4, AZ 2, PA 6, TN 3, MA 4, NE 1, IL 4, TX 5, MO 2, WI 3, KS 2, KY 3, AL 3, CT 1, SD 2, OHIO 6, WA 2, MT 1, MN 1, AK 1, VA 1,

Additionally, the Uncle Sam figure below is on 33 sites. These identify site occupants as friends of Dick and Marie who have come here every year forever and have given them as gifts. They left the day we got here this year so we are hoping that  is not a sign that they want Uncle Sam back.


Bean Soup Night

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Once a year, our friendly social host, Ron, has a bean soup night. Campers provide bags of beans (any kind etc) and he makes the soup in a couple of days. Attendees then also bring side dishes (like deviled eggs, etc) so it is a combination bean soup and pot luck dinner. It was a musical night at the campground.



Propane tanks

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008


Now: See the green indicator on the regulator. That says that the tank has propane in it. When the indicator is red then the tank is empty.